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School Refusal is a Universal Problem: Spotlight on Japan

School Refusal is a universal problem. Our website gets most of its traffic from the United States, but there are also many visitors from Australia, Canada, The UK, and France. I was surprised to see Cyprus and The United Arab Emirates. too. This story from By Alessia Cerantola from BBC World Service focuses on the school refusal problem in Japan.

You Are Not Alone..The Value of Social Media

We know how much our kids value social media. They socialize, vocalize and entertain themselves with all the content and capabilities these platforms contain. What would you think if I told you that getting on a platform like Twitter could be helpful to people dealing with mental illness? And more specifically to our website’s audience; families with children who have school refusal

SCHOOL REFUSAL | 5 Ideas for Schools and Parents

Educational Psychologist, Phylly Prtichard provides helpful ideas for schools and parents. It may sound basic, but these steps are often overlooked when helping kids dealing with school refusal. In addition, these strategies can be used for both young and older students. lmk what you think.

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