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You are here because you care and want to help kids at your school challenged by school avoidance. We are grateful for professionals like you who choose to make a difference in someone’s life.

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Resources for Educators

Everything you need to know about school avoidance to help your students

Guidance from an educator experienced in helping school avoidant kids back to school

School avoidance can be prevented by reexamining school culture, priorities and creating a sense of belonging.

Parents of School-Avoidant Kids Face Daily Struggles and Distress. 

They are different and require different interventions and strategies. However, neither population should be treated with punitive measures.
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Find the right of providers and programs to help your students get back to school

Child Mind Institute, Anxiety and Mood Disorders Center
New York, New York
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Partial hospitalization
Children's Hospital Medical Center Partial Program at Lindner Center of Hope
Cincinati, Ohio
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Partial hospitalization
Boston University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
Boston, Massachussets
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Partial hospitalization
Behavioral Institute School Refusal Program, Great Neck , NY
Great Neck, New York
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Partial hospitalization

Avoid Common Pitfalls! Learn How Your School Can Help Your School Avoidant Child

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