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The Year the Schools Refused Students

This is the first post written by L. Reddan, who is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) on a High School Counseling team, and an experienced professional helping kids with school avoidance get back to school.

L. Reddan will be writing under a pseudonym in order to speak freely about pervasive issues in our school system as it relates to school avoidance and inclusion.

School Refusal: A Plan for Reintegrating Students

I had a lightbulb moment when I read this article by John Reily’ which discusses using hybrid learning as an opportunity for school refusal reintegration. Why wait until the Fall when it will be the same environment as before. Now is the time for schools to work with the families while there are fewer kids in the building.

School Avoidance from a 5th Graders Point of View

This is one of my top ten learning resources regarding anxiety-based school avoidance.

It is a video from Lyra, a very articulate 10 years old discussing her difficulties of going to school.

She provides keen insight into what has helped her get back to school.

This is How a Kid with School Refusal Feels

We know that school avoidance is often misunderstood. Our friends and schools may question our parenting skills. They may share simplistic and insensitive advice. They usually mean well, but sometimes it hurts.

A New Solution for Schools: In-house Mental Health Programs

A few years ago, NPR did a piece called “Mental Health in Schools: A Hidden Crisis Affecting Millions of Students.” They cited that “nearly 80% of kids who need mental health services don’t receive them. Experts say schools could play a role in identifying students with problems and helping them succeed. Yet it’s a role many schools are not prepared for.”

My Child Has School Refusal: What Can I Do?

It’s quite bewildering when your child starts refusing to go to school. This isn’t anything that we were trained for as parents. Once this becomes a pattern, a disruption, or starts to cause a negative impact, then it is time to take immediate steps to help your child.

Helping Kids Manage Anxiety during Covid

This is a good piece put together by Lauren Hoffman, PsyD and Steve Mazza, Phd from Columbia Psychiatry. It covers a few simple ways that you can help manage you and your child’s anxiety right now. They also provide some useful links for relaxation and entertainment.

Building Inner Wealth Within Your Child Who Has School Refusal

“Every Child has a Portfolio of Who They Think They Are.”

When I heard these words at a presentation of The Nurtured Heart Approach; I immediately felt them through the eyes of a child who has school refusal. I sensed how using the Nurtured Heart Approach could build inner-wealth within a child who is challenged with school refusal.

Was Your Child Denied Access to a Higher Level Course? (IDEA & FAPE)

Today I realized that this is a real issue. In some instances, schools have denied children with Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) or 504 plans access to advanced classes. This is clearly against the laws of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 and the right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

Important Do’s and Don’ts: From a Fellow School Refusal Parent

When I was in the thick of things with my son’s school refusal, I wish I could have spoken to other parents dealing with the same problem; discuss what was working, what failed, and just the support from another human living a similar experience would have provided comfort.

School refusal is complicated. There is no universal protocol and there is limited research to guide us. Therefore, an interchange of ideas and information is key to helping our kids.

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