Jayne Demsky

Hear a 15-year-old describe how CBT & Exposure Therapy helped his school avoidance

Overcoming Anxiety Tedx with Jonas Kolker 

Many kids with school avoidance have a hard time explaining how they feel. Even when they persevere and return to school, they don’t want to discuss what they experienced.

Parents, clinicians, and researchers covet school avoidant kids’ insights and thoughts to help us find better solutions. So, when we see a teenager who speaks about it, wow, we surely want to hear what they have to say.

This Tedx from 15-year-old Jonas Kolker has hundreds of thousands of views. The value in his 10-minute talk is his description of how his anxiety felt, his experience with CBT and Exposure Therapy, and how it helped him get back to school and graduate. He is now in college.

Thank you to Jonas for sharing his experience, which provides hope to thousands of families seeking help for their school-avoidant children.


Jayne Demsky
Author: Jayne Demsky

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