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The School Avoidance Alliance is dedicated to sharing expertise, evidence-based and best practice interventions, school avoidance facts, strategies, and resources, to help kids with chronic school absences & school avoidance get back to learning.

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For Parents

When thinking about parenting, you probably never thought something as basic as school attendance would be a problem.

So, when you see signs of distress about school or your child stops attending school, it is scary, confusing, and can quickly overwhelm you and your household. You are not alone, we can help.

School Avoidance 101 & 102

Modes Of Therapy/ Levels Of Care
School-Based Intervention Teams
504 Plans & School Avidance
Individual Education Plans (IEP)

For Educators

Chronic absenteeism due to school avoidance is a huge challenge facing you and your colleagues in our post covid world.

We can help as your resource for the most relevant, evidence-based interventions and strategies from leading school avoidance experts worldwide. We appreciate you and want to make it easier for you to help your students.

School Avoidance Facts

Intervention Roadmap


Parents As Partners

School Avoidance vs Truancy

Professional Development

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Intervention for Chronic Absenteeism

Parents Master Class

Never before have parents had access to this level of experienced professionals sharing comprehensive and specific information that you can use right away.

Get the essential pieces of the school avoidance puzzle from five clinical psychologists, a special education attorney, and a school psychologist so you can take positive steps toward getting your child back to school.

Evidence-Based Therapuetic Interventions

Parental Strategies and Responses

Your School’s Role

U.S. Educational and Disability Laws

Reintegration Planning

Our Experts Work at These Prestigious Organizations

And a Few of Their Leadership Positions


We Are Here To Support You

The School Avoidance Alliance is dedicated to supporting the lives of children and families struggling with school avoidance by giving them the resources they need to get back to school.

We partner with Parents, Educators, School Psychologists, School Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, Mental Health Providers, Educational Advocates, and any organization supporting improved student mental health, educational engagement, and social-emotional learning.

As advocates and school avoidance educators, we work toward improved responses, growing awareness, and utilizing evidence-based interventions to help get our absent kids back to a learning environment.


My Child Won't Go To School. Is This School Avoidance?

Research shows that early interventions by families and schools provide the best outcomes. We share the most up-to-date information on school avoidance best practices and resources for getting kids back on track.


Articles, Interviews & Information

Start Getting Your Child Back To School

School avoidance attendance problems challenge attendance policy mandates, U.S. educational and disability law interpretations, and effective responses and interventions at school.

Many schools haven’t had training on school avoidance, so their responses and levels of understanding vary.

Parents must take on the role of advocate and educator while working toward a collaborative relationship with their school. Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed.

Get this FREE easy-to-understand guide with school resources & laws specific to helping kids with school avoidance access to their education

Brand New for Schools!

A Tier 2 & Tier 3 Intervention for Chronic Absenteeism

Our School Avoidance Master Class  is a Response to Intervention (RTI) that has never been available for school avoidance before. 

For Tier 2: It provides an immediate intervention to use once you see signs of chronic absenteeism. Early interventions consistently improve outcomes! Our Master Class is an indispensable tool for providing early intervention.

For Tier 3: Our resource features leading clinicians who share everything parents need to know in order to help their school-avoidant kids. The information parents learn is empowering and hopeful; encouraging school and home collaboration to help get your students back to school. 


What Parents & Professionals Have To Say

I have spent so much time researching this issue, I already have a lawyer and we have been patients at Columbia where 2 of the experts are and I STILL found it very helpful. I agree about the peer-to-peer as well. It’s so nice to be with other people who aren’t thinking to themselves the whole time “Why don’t you just make him go to school? That would never happen in my house.” These parents know that it’s complex and painful for everyone involved. I missed Tuesday’s session as well but when I realized it I added it to my calendar weekly with a reminder so I won’t miss it. Thanks!!
Missy P.

I recently stumbled upon your website and am in the midst of a very challenging time with my 8-year-old son at school. . Thank you so much for your help and guidance.
Sam W.

Just hopped off of the peer support group Zoom with Jayne Demsky. Even on days when I feel busy and overwhelmed, it helps so much to connect with other parents who are facing the same struggles. I always learn something and get just that little bit of extra strength and energy I need. If you haven't yet signed up for the masterclass, it's worth it for this group alone. And listening to Module 7 last week before our IEP meeting really helped me to have the right words to say to advocate for my son and get him a better plan in place. This program is such a great resource. I really think it's that good.
Kim W.

Jayne, Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the moon and back. Over 4 years not one person, lawyers, advocates, family. friends have helped as much as you have and cared. I’m thankful I found your website. I’ve never met a person as true and helpful as you when it comes to school refusal and helping my son. She has been able to advise, advocate, and get us to the right resources and.....

I am THRILLED! Parents of Youth w/school avoidance, this site is for you! Prepare for the fall with expert & curated advice & resources! TY Jayne for this treasure site of support! Thank you for all that you are doing for families!
Dr. Anne Marie Albano
Director and Founder of the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety & Related Disorders

The Master Class has been a tremendous help to us. I hated missing the support group last night as I have found it so incredibly meaningful. To be in a community with others about this challenge - including others who have kids younger and older than my 12-year-old-- is such a rare and wonderful thing. Plus Jayne's expertise and empathy as well as her skill in facilitating our conversations continue to amaze me
Pam K.

This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for putting together this masterclass.
Shirley C.

Thank you for your website and Facebook Group. I have been part of your Facebook Group for 3-4 years. I found very valuable information on the website. The Facebook Group has been a source of support. My daughter did one year program online last year. I found that school on your website. I appreciate all your hard work.
Nala T.

The Master Class has been incredibly valuable to me. The information from Dr. Dalton was validating and the lawyer showed me how the school can help and what I need to do to make that happen.
Kerry C.

I have completed most of it. It is really invaluable and comprehensive information. I wish I had it earlier.I believe if I had, I would have been able to "fight back" more effectively when I had to request an eval for IEP 3 times & my son missed a whole year of school. I didn't understand a lot. I found the section of the course with the lawyer very empowering. Really good info, especially if the school avoidance is in early stages or if it has been ongoing and the school just isn't helping. The information is helpful if you have an Educational Advocate, which I do. But even they don't always have a lot of experience advocating for kids with school avoidance, so we parents need to educate them so they can advocate for our kids. My advocate is great at communicating with the school and getting stuff done, but she isn't an expert on school avoidance...so we need to be.
Emma S.

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Start Your Journey Towards Getting your Child Back To School

Some schools don’t understand school avoidance, so parents must take on the role of advocate and educator. You may feel judged at times and resentful if you are not getting the help you need.

Don’t be discouraged; this FREE guide explains school resources & laws specific to helping kids with school avoidance access their education.

Avoid common mistakes that can delay or derail getting your child back to school.

Providing Information School Avoidance Families Need To Know

This Guide explains; 504 Plans, IEPs, Attendance Policies & More

Get Help Today with
Exclusive Access to Leading
School Avoidance Experts

Unfortunately only a small percentage of school professionals, therapists, educational advocates and policy makers understand school avoidance best practices. So, you must become the expert to ensure your child is getting:

  • Appropriate mental health treatment
  • School assistance without punitive responses (truancy, failing, grade retention)
  • Educated regardless of their school avoidance
  • A 504 plan or IEP if needed (many school avoidant kids qualify)

The time passing slowly without progress is the worst feeling. It wouldn’t have taken five years of suffering and uncertainty if I had this expert guidance during my son’s school avoidance. We would have saved $29,000 in lawyer fees and $69,000 for private schools.

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