What You Need to Know About Accommodations

There are effective new tools families and schools can use to help kids w anxiety disorders or school avoidance get back to school. These interventions have created some confusion around the meaning of the word “accommodations.”

Feel Safe and Supported When You Need it Most

School avoidance is challenging on so many levels. One aspect that doesn’t get much attention is the judgment and blame assigned to parents of kids with chronic school absences. There are a few reasons for this: There has been little to no discussion, education, or awareness about school avoidance in our schools, media coverage, and […]

Do Schools Address Chronic Absenteeism and School Avoidance Differently?

Chronic school absenteeism is an issue that schools, states, and the federal government have on their radar. When they talk about chronic absenteeism though, they aren’t necessarily addressing school avoidance. We looked through this State of New Jersey Chronic Absenteeism guide to learn how they advise schools. Many of their strategies are identical to what […]

School Refusal is a Universal Problem: Spotlight on Japan

School Refusal is a universal problem. Our website gets most of its traffic from the United States, but there are also many visitors from Australia, Canada, The UK, and France. I was surprised to see Cyprus and The United Arab Emirates. too. This story from By Alessia Cerantola from BBC World Service focuses on the school refusal problem in Japan.

Get Help Today with
Exclusive Access to Leading
School Avoidance Experts

Unfortunately only a small percentage of school professionals, therapists, educational advocates and policy makers understand school avoidance best practices. So, you must become the expert to ensure your child is getting:

  • Appropriate mental health treatment
  • School assistance without punitive responses (truancy, failing, grade retention)
  • Educated regardless of their school avoidance
  • A 504 plan or IEP if needed (many school avoidant kids qualify)

The time passing slowly without progress is the worst feeling. It wouldn’t have taken five years of suffering and uncertainty if I had this expert guidance during my son’s school avoidance. We would have saved $29,000 in lawyer fees and $69,000 for private schools.

Providing Information School Avoidance Families Need To Know

This Guide explains; 504 Plans, IEPs, Attendance Policies & More

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